How To Create a Logo

by | Apr 9, 2021 | Tutorials

Use vector shapes in Adobe Illustrator to create a logo that looks good onscreen and in print. The best part about vector art is that it scales to any size — from business cards to billboards — without losing quality.

1 Set up your logo project

Create a new document and set up your workspace. Bring in a reference image to use as inspiration, and use the Layers panel to easily manage your artwork.

Learn how to create a new document, reset your workspace, place a reference image, and open the Layers panel.

Use basic shapes to create complex art

Combine rectangles, triangles, circles, and freeform shapes to build your artwork. Use Smart Guides to align the various elements.

Learn how to enable Smart Guides to align artwork easily, manipulate a Live Shape, and draw a shape freeform.

3 Add colours

Apply colors to all your logo components using intuitive controls that let you easily make edits. To keep the colors and shapes of your logo handy, simply add them to your Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries.

Learn how to edit a color, save a color to a library, and access premade color swatch libraries.

Fine-tune your logo

Now adjust the scale of your shapes and rotate them to assemble the toppings on your pizza slice.

Learn how to rotate a shape and reuse a color from a library.

5 Add text

Round out your logo by adding the business name using the powerful typesetting features in Illustrator. Creative Cloud members can choose from the vast library of high-quality typefaces from Adobe Typekit.

Learn how to rotate a shape and reuse a color from a library.

6 Preview and save your logo

See how your logo looks on mockups of everyday items, like t-shirts and business cards. And learn how easy it is to save your logo artwork for printing, sharing as a PDF, posting on the web, and more.

For those who just want to download

This is a folder containing the full Tutorial. However, you’re better off watching the videos and learn how it’s done.

You can do it, anyone can!

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